Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Flower for Bad Days

On bad days like these, I guess clich├ęd roses won't do. That's why I found this lovely water lily just for you!

£NaturalRhymer £Didn'tEvenTry £OkayITriedALittleBit...

Flower from a little pond in Taiwan.


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Thursday, September 25, 2014


I hadn't had one of these since my cross-country days! Should have used sunscreen! :[

It burns!

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Arctic Tribes Rules and Alpha v0.0.1

All right! I'm releasing the rules and some of the basic cards!

Basic cards

 Basic Tools

 Contested Resources

The point of the game is to score the most people in your tribe! Start the game off with a certain number of basic cards and tools. Keep your hand hidden.

Type: Indicates whether the card is a Personnel (person capable of performing actions) or Tool (something used to perform the action with).
Cost: The amount of food or medicine it costs to recruit this personnel. 
Draw: If this card is sent to do the draw action, this is the number of cards you would draw.
Dig: If this card is sent to do the dig action, this is the number of cards you would mill from the Junkyard.
Hunt: If this card is sent to do the hunt action, this is the number of food you have for that turn.
Fight (ATK): If this card is sent to skirmish, this is the attack power of your tribe.
Score: This is number of people this card is worth. The higher the number, the higher the score!

Tools supplement actions and cannot be used alone. You cannot use a tool to go digging unless you have personnel doing that action.

Once per turn, a player can perform any number of actions (Draw, Dig, Hunt, Recruit) once. For example, if you perform the Draw action and draw a Scavenger (who has a Draw of 1), you cannot discard that card to draw again. Once a card has been used for an action, discard that card to a Discard Pile.

DRAW: Draw from your Deck. (If your Deck is out of cards, shuffle your Discard Pile back into the Deck.)
DIG: Mill from the Junkyard pile depending on the number of the dig. You can choose to keep 1 or none of the cards you have milled. Send the remaining cards to the bottom of the Junkyard. This action is done without showing your opponents what you milled or kept.
HUNT: The number of hunt is the number of food you have this turn to spend to recruit.
RECRUIT: You can recruit up to 1 personnel per round.
SKIRMISH: Before you end your turn, you can reserve any number of cards to the skirmish. Discard all remaining cards.

Once per round (when every player has gone) there is a skirmish. The player sends all the reserved cards to battle, adding up the ATK. The person with the highest ATK wins a contested resource (draw 1 card from the Contested Resource Pile). If it's a tie, send the resource to the bottom of the Junkyard.

The game keeps going until all the Contest Resources run out! Count up the score for each player to determine the winner!


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Friday, September 19, 2014

A Chrismus Game Announcement: Arctic Tribes

So... I'm undergoing a massive endeavor right before college applications are due because I decided to be timely-unwise. :D

The game is called Arctic Tribes, and it will be the BOMB! BOOM!

Everything is tentative right now! I'm thinking about it being a board game with cards involved. Making everything from scratch, so it'll be an arts-and-crafts/card design project.

Basic plot line:
It's post-apocalyptic America thousands of years in the future. A perpetual ice age leaves all but a few survivors (the players) alive, and they must fight to secure their future! Tribes will compete to recruit other members to empower their tribes, fight for valuable resources, and endure freezing temperatures!

I've developed the rules and concept--all that's left is the game itself! Here's a teaser. :]


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Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Adventure

Here's a quick sample of the what I was talking about in the beginning.

This image is super big! Watch out! If you want to be able to play, you can just open it in Photoshop and FILL a layer with black. Proceed with the gameplay!


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