Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Cold Has Gotten the Best of Me...

Forgive my lack of public posts, guys. :[*

I've replied to severals messages, but I figured it would be better if I just made one ultimate post. Announcement, everyone! Gather around!

*you all shuffle closer to hear my amazing voice*

What could the amazing Christopher Mus tell us this time?
I'm sick!

Now disperse, 'cause I'm sure no one wants to be close to a sick person. c;

Ooh, yuck. Now that's not amazing at all. Everyone shy away!

Man, colds really suck.

OOH, and by the way, congratulations to those that got your college acceptances! King's College and several early action admittances, very nice!

Most of us are currently waiting for March 26-28th. :]* Let's join hands in the spirit of good luck. Wish you all the best! Wish me good health, please! xD

I'm out. c:


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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Little Girl Against Gender-Stereotyped Toys

Haha, this is so refreshing! :] I'll leave you with a quick picture and link!

Full article.


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S/he Who Declares Male Feminists Do It for Sexy Time Is a Nub

You seeing this? I seeing this, dawg; I seeing this*. -__-''

The ulterior motives behind supporting gender equality are fruitless. I've definitely heard of people who join feminist groups to get closer to more women and men: physically, as in going to the same weekend feminist support club, or virtually, as in joining the same Facebook group. Have an excuse to get close, I get it.

But if you're someone who's joining a feminist group for some sexy time, you've sorely overlooked these facts.

1) Feminists are passionate about their cause. We don't like posers. Attending rallies and spending your time "chatting someone up" instead of actually protesting is a major give away. Treating your particular person very nicely but perpetuating micro-aggressions outside your hangout is another. We can see why you're coming. We can tell!

2) Feminists aren't necessarily looking for sexy time at their hangouts. That would be me looking for a hook-up at my local math club or volunteer center. The context ain't too... auspicious, if ya'll get my flow. :\

3) I've never heard of anyone becoming more sexually attractive by becoming a feminist. That's scientifically inconceivable? If this actually happened, I'd be a sex god. Cherubs would mistake me for an archangel and float me to the heavens 'cause I'd be just so goddamn sexy. I would have been drafted by America's Next Top Model. I would have--lol, all right. I'll stop. 
But you get the picture. :]*


*Haha, several of you guys have pointed this out. Yes, I know it's not grammatically correct, but I will keep it grammatically incorrect. >:D Muhahaha!

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Monday, January 26, 2015

Our Weekly Chrismus Present: Song

Don't you love it when weekly Chrismus presents become their own posts? >:D I do! The Chrismus cheer that keeps on mussing lasts forever now.

With fun day Monday coming so close to an end, I'll present you the last present of January 2015! Oh how sad, but oh how glad! We'll never see this Monday again, but there will be many more Mondays to come, with many more presents to give! c:

Our Chrismus present, misters, misses, and musses. Can you guess what it is? (Category for this time is song, by the way.)

The suspense!

A Bruno Mars song?! Oh my! Links for you!! Song: Marry You. This song is absolutely amazing. It's been stuck in my head for like... forever since I'd first heard it. :]

It's a catchy, happy song--upbeat and not Justin Bieber this time, LOL. xD

And yes, yes, I'm told that this song is super old, but whether you're someone who hasn't heard this song or someone hearing this for the 100th time, "Marry You" is definitely my Chrismus present. c: 


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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Trivia Crack Statistics

Apparently Trivia Crack's been around for a long, long time already.

Not that it would stop me from trying it out, of course, but c'mon. :[* I'm always super late with phone apps. >.<

I've been playing for about a week and got bored of the game. I'm retiring, just as I'm posting my stats'. How lame of me, right? xD

If anyone's up for the challenge, I'd love to see some of you guys try to break my record. >:D

Christopher K. Mus


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