Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Day of Reckoning?

The day of reckoning.

We've worked so hard for this single moment in our lives, and now that it's so close, maybe we don't... want to know anymore. Don't worry; I feel you.

Anxiety's a killer, but whatever happens, just know that you are still worth it! We've tried our best in the end, and whether or not colleges accept you does not make you any less of a person. You are infinite in your capacity for excellence! You are so much more than a number! If you're rejected, know that it's the college's loss for not being discerning enough to know that you are perfect--you are perfect. ^0^

Life throws only what you can handle. c: And you can handle whatever happens! I'll see you in the Hall of Fame!

If anything, at least you have a reason to indulge in tacos.
£Speech £GoodLuck,All!


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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Dukes and Swag

LOL, Duke is the first school to offer me digital swag in exchange for my attending. c:


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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Our Weekly Christmas Present: Song

There are little words to describe how catchy this song is.

Ineffable? Ineffable. :]

I was going through some tough times this week. Personal drama, rekindle family arguments, the MIT rejection, and now Zayne is leaving One Direction? Man, life gets dark really fast. TTnTT


This song saved me. <3 I'm extremely against the idea of chivalry, but I place more emphasis on the rhythm of the song than its lyrics. ;]

Maybe it will save you, too? Which song am I even talking about?

Oh my!!

Oh my, indeed! What's inside? 


Expected? Expected. No album cover for the song, yet, so I used the dance cover album of it. Dance cover here; actual song here.


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Friday, March 20, 2015

Promposal Master Post

Hi! My school's prom is coming up April 16th, so I took the time to make a promposal. c:

Just posting this 'cause I know prom's coming up for you guys and someone's bound to ask for proposal ideas. :D I'll structure this more like a reflection ramble on the proposals I helped to make + my own, but hopefully there's some good advice within somewhere.

Kpop Performance Promposal:
Helping choreograph a Kpop dance for a proposal. Will update, as we're still in the process!

Push-up Promposal:
What, Chris? A push-up promposal?

Yep! I guess you could call it... a push-up-posal! >:D Hehe.

This is definitely not for everyone. I had a friend who's known around school for push-ups (during a senior breakfast event, there was dance contest; instead of dancing, he did push-ups). Garnering positive reactions from his "dance moves", it was only fitting he did a push-up related event. So! This is how it went down.

Period 2: He sent his date gummy worms.
Period 5: He sent his date a custom-made, 3D-printed giraffe. (Giraffes are her favorite animal.)
Period 6: Here's the setup.

So, in case you're wondering, "TT" is code-name for the date, " Mo' " is a friend helping, and "Chai" is the person asking.

When TT entered, "Heart Attack" by One Direction starts playing, and everyone's doing push-ups. When the bridge happens, someone slid a duffle bag to Chai (who was doing push-ups in the center), Chai opened it and took out Pocky (a little candy/snack). A little later, the flowers are thrown to him, and he proposes.

My Promposal:
Mine required nearly the whole day to pull off. The girl I had in mind really liked anime, and, thus, I knew I had to watch a lot of anime a week before.

I drew 5 little cards that had the top letters cut off. When all 5 were assembled, it spelled out prom. She received the 5th and last letter at lunch, during which I had a buddy walk in first, play music, spectators walk in, my poster guy walks in, and then I walk in with flowers and propose. The end!

My tips?
Make sure the poster is really nice and hand-done! It looks great in pictures!
Don't do have 5 people hold up letters that spell out prom 'cause that's so clichéd. Try to do something personalized for your date.
Dress up the day you propose.
Have a good photographer friend take your pictures.
Have a really nice bouquet of flowers. Go to a flower store instead of Ralphs or something to get a custom two flower piece bouquet, meaning there's two different but complimentary shades of color. This is probably the most pricey part of the proposal, but it makes a big impact!

The "cards" I was talking about are above.

Good luck! Tote's!

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Friday, March 13, 2015

One Thought on JIBO, the Family Robot

"We've dreamed about it for forever, and now it's finally here."
-JIBO presenter

Eh, I'm not too sure if I should be excited about it, though. JIBO is a new commercial robot that assists people with their everyday life. It has the programming to automatically take photos (hand-free) and the functionality of a large Siri. (Original introduction video here.)

Found it vaguely disturbing for several reasons. As seen from the video, JIBO possesses fluid rotary movement, interacts automatically with people, and imitates expression and intonations fairly well... a little too well if you ask me. JIBO's activity is a little too humanlike for my appreciation: from greeting to when you come home to randomly asking about your day, these added modifications are eerie. JIBO is the first stone in bridge between artificial, self conscious intelligence and extremely versatile (but programmed) robots.

That or I'm just too paranoid about robots. JIBO has a face, which could add to the paranoia.


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